Get In Touch

“So many songs.  So little time.”

Mark Schultz, Bass/ Vocals

Mark met Eric in 6th grade in the Fall of 1981, when Mark also met Allen Price (bass player and co-founder of the metal band Dead Horse) who was Mark's original bass inspiration. Credit must be given where it's due!

“I love the sound of tubes in people's ears.  Get it?  Ha ha ha ha.”

Eric Powitzky, Guitarist/ Keys/ Vocals

Always a great singer, Eric got the guitar bug several years ago as a spare time creative outlet.  One thing led to another and Mark said "We hardly have time to fish anymore. Let's play 80's music".  Their friendship has continued to be the impetus behind The Chocolate Orb.

“I don't really know this music from the 80's but these older people are introducing me to the best of the decade.”

Pastor Oropeza, Drums/ Vocals

Pastor has been in on the Houston music scene for a while but when he teamed up with Mark and Eric he took the level of musicianship to a new level.  Pastor has a long resume of working with some talented musicians.  He's literally a human drum machine which works out great for playing 80's music.

“I love band drama.”

Leah White, Keys/ Guitar/ Vocals

Leah worked as a professional musician for a number of years but joined the Orb because they only played one time a year and for charitable organizations.  It was the perfect opportunity to sing Joan Jett, Madonna to Judas Priest.  It also helps that if she strings out her voice, Eric can reconstruct her vocal chords.

“I'm a simple man with one guitar and one amp but I have a lot of pedals. ”

Scott Gray, Lead Guitar

Scott has been a musician for many years and knows the drill.  Anyone would know this just by looking at this picture that he is an artist that has played Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girls" a hundred times in several different bands.  What you don't know is that Scott is the most easy going bandmate.  The hair looks high maintenance but Joel is not!